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RE: Soap Making Class

Posted 2/24/2017 3:18pm by Wendy Berry.
Cold Process Soap Making 101 ~ In time for Mother's Day Gifts!!
You may be intrigued about soap making but you think it sounds so confusing and complicated or you may not even know where to begin!
This is a class to help take the confusion and worry out of it all while you make your own creations. On Saturday We will be discussing the history of soap making, why different oils, butters, fillers and Essential oils versus Fragrance oils are used. This allows you to begin to understand the basics of soap making as we create the initial base together and then each participant will be given a portion of the batch to customize to their liking!

This is a time to play with colors, fillers, and scents without really having to worry about the soap making process but partake as a group in making a base from scratch. 

Sunday we will be making a sugar scrub to compliment your handmade soap and cut the bars to take them home with you. Hopefully we have inspired you to dive into soap making!!! 

Each participant will be taking home 4 bars of soap and 4 sugar scrubs to give away as gifts if they want to! But make sure you keep at least one for yourselves!

Sat March 25th 10:30am ~12:30 
Sunday March 26th 11:00 am -12:00 pm

$50 for this 2 day class and ALL Supplies are provided!

PRE REGISTRATION IS A DEFINATE BY March 20! Just to make sure I have enough supplies for every one!

Check can be mailed to Lasting Legacy Farm, 336 Second Crown Point Road, Barrington, NH 03825  
CC can be taken over phone by calling 603-781-8715
call 781-8715 or Private Message me to reserve you space today! Space is limited so don't Delay!