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RE: Reminder and what is happening

Posted 1/25/2016 7:41pm by Wendy Berry.

Hi Everyone!

Another month has passed and we are coming closer to spring! With that being said things are starting to line up for the upcoming year. The poultry (being Turkeys, ducks and chickens) are starting to show love signs just in time for Valentine's day! HAhaha. So we will be hatching out eggs shortly so many babies will be coming in about 2 months!

Pork will be ready for sale about end of March and chickens will be ready mid to late May. But I do have a few chickens available that I shrunk wrapped and froze available for sale now.

We will need to have the pre order forms back at the farm by February 18th so as to have baby chickens and other meats here to make sure we have enough.

The greenhouse will be up and running this week and am planning on growing radishes, kale, lettuces, carrots, and beets in it. This is a test to see if I can do it! So if things go well I might have those things for sale!  Cross your fingers!

Also we are planning on breeding Blitz in June so will have Rat Terrier Puppies for sale !  

To keep her girlish figure I am looking at finding some homes or farms that I can bring a couple of dogs to to do some rat / vermin hunting so if you know of anyone that would be interested have them contact me! Blitz would be forever thankful ~